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Interview with Jenny Pena – doula, baby massage therapist, and essential oil expert

Jenny answers some questions about how to apply essential oils, how they are made, and why there is differences in prices.  Learn what oils to use during pregnancy and with babies. Jenny shares many ideas of when essential oils can be used and the benefits they provide.

Jenny’s blog, site, and podcast can be found here

Birth Physiology

Learn how a baby first breathes! In the first minute after birth, there are many changes the body goes through to be able to switch from living in a liquid filled womb to breathing. This simply amazing process has many layers and details that are further explained in this video. After watching, there will be a thorough understanding of the importance of cord blood and the essential part it plays in setting up baby’s system. 

There is a difference between a waterbirth baby and a baby born on land. They have different immediate coloring and the first breath is taken at different times. This short video explains why. Good knowledge for any provider and parent who is considering waterbirth.

Interview with Tilda Timmers – life coach, therapist, and author of “This is Postpartum” (Available from Dreamworks Collective, here)

Tilda answers some questions about postpartum depression and how to cope.  Learn how to recognize symptoms for your loved ones and some good tools and resources.  Tilda shares what she wishes all women knew and more about her book. 

Tilda can be reached on instagram, here

Panel hosted by Rise Birth Center. Listen in as four amazing women discuss breaking barriers in the Middle East. All of the panel have been leading companies in topics that are culturally not spoken about or in arenas women are not traditionally involved. They are pushing the boundaries for the sake of enriching others’ lives. Learn their trials and tips for succeeding.

Joined by:

Maha Al Mozaini – Directs the research of immunodeficiency disease and established an HIV laboratory. She started Nismh, a charity that conducts research, provides public education, and supports women with immunological diseases.

Sophie Smith – Co-founder and CEO of Nabta Health, a Hybrid Healthcare company for women. Her lifetime ambition is twofold: to empower women to manage their health with privacy, autonomy and convenience, and to make healthcare affordable and accessible for all women.

Andrea Allen – Co-founded Out of the Blues to fill a need in the UAE to have transparent support for sufferers of depressive illnesses. In 2018 Andrea founded Amazing Mums Sensory Supplies offering affordable sensory and therapy items to families, schools and centres throughout the UAE.

Yasmin Rose – Founder of Rise Birth Center. Yasmin has a passion for women’s rights in birth and is working on making birth centers a reality in the UAE to shift the mindset around birth to one of empowerment instead of fear.