Continuous Care

Same midwives for pregnancy, birth, and postpartum visits

Home visits

Comprehensive postpartum care including home visits

Doula Care

Doulas available at every birth to support you with your birth plan


Pool in every room for water birth or to labor in water

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Giving birth should be your greatest achievement, not your greatest fear.

Jane Weideman
1 %

want non-medicated

1 %

want to give birth in
a birth center

1 %

want home visits
after birth

1 %

want midwives as
main care provider

*Survey results from August 2020 of 400 women in the UAE

Support for your Pregnancy

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Prenatal Care

Women-centered care provided by midwives.


Attended by midwives in a
home-like environment.

Postpartum Care

Home and center visits for comprehensive care after birth.

Frequently Asked Questions

A birth center is a facility outside of a hospital that offers midwifery care for pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. They provide a home-like environment for non-medicated birth.

Yes, women are assessed throughout their pregnancy to assure they are still suitable candidates to have a safe birth at a birth center.  High risk births are better suited for a hospital birth with an obstetrician.

Birth Centers are for non-medicated births.  Natural pain relief methods will be available such as water immersion, aromatherapy, rebozo techniques, and advance mental preparation.

Date and location is to be determined.  Currently it is not allowed to have medical professionals assist a birth outside of a hospital in the United Arab Emirates, but a lot of work is ongoing with the government entities.

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